Catering Made Easy!

Updated: Apr 18, 2018

Hello friends!

We're excited to be here :)

We wanted to take the opportunity to connect with the world and share our experience as owners, managers, and employees of the Charleston Caribbean Creole Food Truck. We hope you find our monthly postings engaging and fun to read.

We are based out of the beautiful city of Charleston, SC. We cater food and bring our truck out to events around the state.

Our ultimate goal is to provide the best catering experience to every single customer. No matter big the occasion is, our staff will strive to provide a worry free solution to our customer's catering needs.

Here’s how we do it:

  1. We provide three catering options: Drop Off, Bring Truck, or Full Catering Off Truck.

  2. Our customers fill out our contact form.

  3. A member of our team contacts customer to go over small details.

  4. Our team plans the best strategy to provide service based on customer requirements.

  5. An electronic quote is sent along with payment options and deadlines.

  6. Our team follows up with customers in the weeks prior to the reserved booking date to keep communication lines open for any inquiries.

We make every occasion special by customizing our menu and catering options to match our customer's requests and needs while being conscious of the budget.

Stay tuned for the next update, and if you want to learn or see anything in particular, comment below or engage with us in our social media.